Saturday, August 21, 2010

Thank you

Hello friends,

I am really pleased to get so many emails from the aspirants having multiple doubts. I am convinced that my Interaction Session with the Sociology Students at Vajiram was of some help to them. I thank all of them for appreciating my efforts.I have tried my level best to answer everybody's query. So many changes have taken place in my life since the time the final results were announced (6th May 2010). 

I have remained busy throughout and often did not get time to get back to many of the students. The major event that happened was my Engagement Ceremony. Now, the prelims results has been announced and my conscience says that i should be busy with nothing else other than my studies. 

I just want to apologise to the aspirants who desparately wanted me to post a write up on "Sociology Preparation" . Many aspirants wanted me to detail out my strategy in Public Administration. I had not been able to do that due to paucity of time. Now , just 2 months to go for the Mains. 

I appeal to all of you writing the Mains this year to get ready with all your arms and ammunitions .

FIRE !!!


  1. Sir,I need to know about some important aspects which you have applied For Political science.
    And if you could guide me a bit through the management studies subject.

    1. Rahul, m sorry to say that neither i had political science nor Management as my optionals. Public Administration strategy , i have already posted on the blog.


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