Saturday, June 5, 2010

My UPSC Marksheet

My Civil Services Marksheet :


  1. Hello again Manpreet!
    Congratulations on your great score!!
    Thanks a lot for your help with Sociology....It really did solve my problem.
    I see from your marksheet that in all your attempts your score in Public Admin is really good...where did you take coaching from? What was your method of study??? Any suggestion would again make a big difference!!

  2. Dear Manpreet,

    you came and spoke at Vajiram sociology took your time to explain every single step that you had taken...i wish you the very best, and yeah....i hope that now that you have got what u had wanted for so long you would give your best shot to the welfare of this grand 'dialectic' called India. bon chance.

  3. Thanks AD. I hope the talk was somewhat useful to you people. With best wishes.

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  5. Hello Manpreet Sir,
    Yesterday at Vajiram your interaction session seemed very lively. You were answering the queries very intelligently and politely. Earlier too Sir made us interact with some other person who got 292 Rank in 1st attempt but he was not as active as you were. He came to the class and simply sat on the chair. I wonder what kind of bureaucrat will he become. But you were standing all the time, sweating as we were, sharing the experience that you have amassed in your life. For that 1 hour and 10 minutes I felt absolutely attached to you. I have always believed that something in the heavens exists which takes care of our hardwork, even if late but it can never let the toil spoil. Viewing your mark-sheet it is undoubtedly clear that you deserved to become a bureaucrat two years before. But such a strange fact luck is somethings come sooner and somethings late. I wish that from now onwards everything will bring success to you as soon as possible.
    You prove that success is never ending and failure is never last.

  6. Dear Mr. Singh, I am really glad to know that you found the interaction session lively.Thanks for appreciating my deeds. I just wanted to answer each and every query because many of my queries were left unanswered when i used to be at your place.I used to feel very bad when selected candidates used to come and used to deliver a very formal lecture. In such endeavour, they used to leave us confused. I never wanted to do that.

    My best wishes are with you . Do well in the UPSC exam.

  7. Hi Manpreet,
    Thanks for the motivating talk at Vajiram, it really boost up my energy. Can you please let me know which Ritzer book to follow (Classical SOciological Theory or Sociological Theory)?

  8. Hi Anonymous..i referred Sociological Theory by Ritzer, although the content is overlapping in both the books.

    Best of Luck..and remain motivated throughout your preparation..!!

  9. Sir Please go through this link -
    and then you will have something to sure. Please do sir.
    Also check you "medical ordeal" comments.

  10. dear manpreet sir,

    the interaction session at vaji was really inspiring and helpful.The best part was that as aspirants we could relate to your experiences as an aspirant.

    regards and thanks

  11. Hi dhazarika , i am really happy to get such kind of a feedback from you people. If my inputs had helped in you in any way, i will be more than happy.

    Best of Luck !!

  12. Hi Manpreet,
    Can you please give some pointers about Public Administration, Like what books and other materials are good. And any other tips or strategies.


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