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I am posted as Deputy Commissioner of Income Tax in Mumbai. Being a Lucknowite, I am a huge admirer of Lucknavi Tehzeeb and culture. For 4 years, I stayed in Delhi preparing for the Civil Services Examination and got succeeded in my 3rd attempt with All India 250th Rank. The overall progress has been good. I have appeared in 4 UPSC Interviews in all my 4 attempts and got succeeded in the last two attempts with AIR 250 and 396 respectively.

I have always believed that the lack of proper guidance have been the biggest malady afflicting the IAS aspirants. I was one amongst them. The Director of an IAS Institute in Lucknow told me after 10+2 to join his course meant specially for the Intermediate pass outs. I was so enthusiastic to join it that i did not even give it a second thought. I kept on studying the same thing over and over again for multiple years with no examination in sight. I was demotivated. Just for this reason, i did not even prepare for engineering, even after being the topper in my school in the 10+2 Board exams. I joined BA in Lucknow University just because i was told that History was a good optional and that Director was a failure with History optional. I opted for Ancient Indian History as one of my subject in BA. Coming from a Science background with PCM subjects in 10+2, this was a big change for me. I miss my college life because i didn't get a feel of it. ( I want to reinforce here that i have no grudges against History, but it was just that by the end of my 3rd year of BA, i realised that it was not my cup of tea).

When i see back, i don't repent, but feel pity on many others like me, who don't get proper guidance for civil services and who are being trapped by such greedy so called Directors of self-proclaimed India's no.1 Institutes for IAS.

This blog is an endeavour to help such candidates in one way or the other ,and , at the same time, share the experiences in related or unrelated fields. The blog readers will find some very interesting quotes and write-ups on Leadership as well. 

The feedback of my blog readers are very precious for me. So, do drop in your comments at your discretion, or just mail me at msduggal01@gmail.com .

Cheers !!


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