Sunday, July 11, 2010

The Tale of two fields

Once, there was a pristine green field that was alive and lush, amidst the extraordinary bloom of Springtime. Next to it happened to sit another field. This one full of weeds, dirt and rough edged stones. A testament to mediocrity. And an acute lack of care.

Through the operation of Nature's laws, the seeds of the weeds from the mediocre field were slowly blown over to the lush field. And so, day by day, the once stunningly beautiful one - with once awesome potential - succumbed to the influence of it's low-grade next door neighbor.

Before the season was through, there sat two fields. Both completely overcome by weeds. 

The leadership lesson for you and I (in this world that aches for real leaders): your influences and environments matter. The people you associate with will infect your thinking. The content of what you read/watch/listen to will affect your game. And the things you surround yourself with will determine whether you work at wow. Or end up at a field called mediocre.

(Courtesy : Robin Sharma)


  1. sir..why dont you write a small write up on how you prepared for sociology would be very helpful for freshers like me who have no idea of the subject ....nor can go to delhi....please try it sir


  2. Hi Rajesh,

    i will definately do dat. Thanks for the suggestion.


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