Monday, December 28, 2009

DGP SPS Rathore case - Loopholes in Indian Criminal Justice System

The much touted case of former Haryana DGP SPS Rathore illustrates the loopholes in our criminal justice system.This top cop molested a 14 year old girl Ruchika Girhotra and now after 19 years gets away with a 6 months imprisonment and Rs. 1000 fine.. !!!

Simply, not acceptable.

The teenage girl committed suicide and her family faced the unbearable torture throughout. The question is , what took our Judiciary so long to convict this civil servant ??

Its been a proven case in India since time immemorial that the rich and the powerful just gets away with minor punishments (even none in many cases) , and , on the contrary, innocent poor people keeps languishing behind the bars for years together as Under-trials. The Political patronage is one of the biggest reasons for non conviction of these high ranking officials.

Its high time that the public morality is held high and a severe punishment for such Officials is given by the apex court , so that, it acts a deterrent for the other Rathores in the Indian Police Service and in the entire Indian system as such, from committing such heinous crimes.

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Dated 25th December 2009 -- NOT PUBLISHED

ISSUE : Telangana

The SWOT analysis of forming a new state of Telangana shows the following :

Strength : fulfillment of regional aspiration.
Weakness : Coping up to have a new fourth capital after Chennai,Kurnool and Hyderabad for Andhra Pradesh will not be easy.
Opportunity : growth of a new glittering capital for Andhra Pradesh, bringing about development and facilitating people's participation in the Telangana region.
Threat : devaluation of the brand of Hyderabad, lowering of the prices of real estate there, proliferation of secessionist movements across the country, dispute over resources like water and coal and the consequent Law and Order problems.

With already having 9 Hindi speaking states, we can certainly have two Telugu speaking as well, but given the above analysis we need more concrete reasons to form a separate state of Telangana.

Dated 24th December 2009 -- NOT PUBLISHED

ISSUE : Telangana

Opportunistic politics is responsible for the current state of turmoil in Andhra Pradesh.Smaller state is no solution for bringing about development in the region.Focus on Good Governance and People's participation is what is needed.It will let us hear the voices which were hitherto unheard,and it would consequently assist in Inclusive growth.The people of Andhra, Rayalseema and Telangana regions must ensure that the destiny of their united state of Andhra Pradesh do not fall into the hands of petty power seeking individuals.A living example of Jharkhand is in front of all of us - a smaller state carved out to bring about development - heading for another five years of political instability.

Dated 29th July, 2009 -- NOT PUBLISHED

ISSUE : Gender Justice

If we could give respect to the women philosophers like Maitreyi and Gargi in the ancient times, then why can't we do it today ? It is very aptly pointed out in the article "Women's health & need for gender justice" (29th july,2009) that the women today are treated like the second class citizens.The need of the hour is to focus on this rest half of our population.The most vital remedy i believe is to teach the girl child and rest of the problems will be taken care of.

Dated 22nd July 2009 -- NOT PUBLISHED

ISSUE : Mayawati's statues in Lucknow

Mayawati's self appreciation and self glorification in the form of installation of her own statues seems ridiculous.Crores of money is spent in Lucknow to give the finishing touches to those mammoth structures created just in order to please the chief minister.UP is one of the most backward state in the country.Mayawati would do more good by constructing few more hospitals to make health accessible.Money spent on erecting her statues can actually be used to educate thousands of girl childs,which in turn will empower our families and consequently empower our nation.

Focus on the real issues like population control,Gomati river management,electricity,infant and maternal mortality,quality education,private sector investment etc.

The leaders are judged by their deeds.If they do not value the public money,they will fail the litmus test in the next elections.The vibrancy of our democracy will take care of it and i am sure it will triumph.

Dated 16th July, 2008 -- PUBLISHED

ISSUE : Indecent depiction of a Sikh Turban

I am a regular reader of The Hindu. I have always appreciated your newspaper for its authenticity and non biased opinions.
But , today i am deeply hurt.The cartoon shown in today's newspaper ( 15th july, Cartoonscape Section) was really disgusting. How can you show a sikh taking off his turban in front of others ? You have made a mockery of it. The turban is not a cap or a helmet that can be taken off . It is very sacred and needs to be respected.
I myself criticise Manmohan Singh openly for the lack of statesmanship he has shown in takinhg various decisions. Criticise him but do not degrade and devalue him with such cartoons !!

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