Monday, March 12, 2012

2nd Departmentals


Our 2nd Departmentals have commenced. Ironically, when i wrote the last exam (Pub Admn) of my last mains, i declared it everywhere that this was my last exam and i do not have to study anymore. But after entering these Services, i have realized that Study is never gonna stop. Income Tax Personnel needs to study the most. Even after they take up the field postings, they always have to remain updated vis-a-vis various Circulars and Notifications from CBDT (You also have a choice not to study, but at your own risk). 

Hopefully, there are no more exams after these during the course of the training. The Bharat Darshan is also starting from 17th of this month. The postings should come by the end of this month. The Valediction is on 16th April 2012. I just love all of it. 


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