Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Set Goals in Life

What are your goals ? What do u want to achieve ? What do you want to be ? In life. At work. In relationships. Whatever it be, write it down. Now. Just write it down. Not later..not tomorrow - now !!

And commit urself to action. Commit urself to doing what it takes to achieve ur goals. Take action. Make sure that everything you do is takin u closer to your goals.

And finally, take a step today. However small it may be, but take that first step today. If you want to lose weight, walk that 45 min walk - today..!! You will see the difference. As the Nike guys would say, JUST DO IT.


  1. Hi sir.
    I totally agree with ur above lines. I just finished reading 'the monk who sold his ferrari' he says almost d same.
    Sir I sent u a mail abt joining institute n all three months ago. My parents have agreed to send me finally . Thanks to u sir!!

    1. Do well, Study well and rise high in life..!!
      Best wishes..

  2. Mr. Singh ,
    Everyone must agree u. I am deligent in reading u,and ur thoughts.I WANT TO BECOME AN IAS OFFICER,pledged to it with the blood of mine...,sir I WANT TO WORK,RUN,COLLAPSE,....but never stop.I HOPE U WILL SUPPORT me(us).


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