Sunday, March 28, 2010

CSE Interview Questions

Third Interview - 27th March 2010 - Purushottam Aggarwal's Board

  • What do you mean by ‘Digital’ in Digital Wallpapers ? ( My hobby is Making Digital Wallpapers)
  • What is the difference between Governance, Management and Administration ? (One of my optional is Public Administration)
  • If you are posted as an administrator in any of the districts of Uttar Pradesh, what would be the biggest challenge you’ll face ?
  • What happens when bureaucrats succumb to the political pressure ?
  • What do you know about Kalinga war which Ashoka fought ?
  • What are the problems of Indian Football ?
  • What do you mean by Inclusive Growth ?
  • What is meant by Financial Inclusion ?
  • Out of the Formal and Informal Sector , which one predominates in the Indian Economy ?
  • What are the women specific problems in the informal sector ?
  • What are your expectations about the forthcoming Commonwealth Games ?
  • When are the Commonwealth Games scheduled from ?
  • Name the events you are optimistic about in the CWG ?
  • What are the problems of Sports in India ?
  • Name few politicians heading the sports federations.
  • Who's the head of Archery Federation ?
  • What do you know about Limba ? ( related to Archery)

My Score : 196/300

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