Tuesday, February 23, 2010

CSE Interview Questions

- My Civil Services Interview questions -

First Interview - 3rd April 2008 – Purushottam Aggarwal’s Board

  • You are from Sociology Deptt of Lucknow University. Name 4-5 Sociologists from your deptt. Who have earned a big name in Sociology.
  • Why do parochial identities predominate in Indian society ?
  • Tell us about Sociology of Uttar Pradesh.
  • Tell us some famous statement of D.P.Mukherjee.
  • If I give you Rs. 100 , what proportion of this fund will you spend in maintaining relations with which group of countries ? Don’t give the approximate %, give the exact categorization.
  • If regional peace is important for you, then will you be able to reduce the defence expenditure of India ?
  • If Pakistan do not remove their army from the borders, will you ask your army to come back ?
  • Why do violence and agitations take place like – strike in universities, factories, offices etc. ?
  • The Police always complains that it do not have operational autonomy and for every small thing , SP has to take the permission of DM. Where , in your opinion, should the police power reside – in hands of SP or DM ?
  • Should we scrap the sports budget altogether ?
  • You are a 100m sprinter. Tell me your 100m timmings. What is the distance of your triple jump and shot put ?
  • What is the role of media in promoting sports , esp. cricket ?
  • Comment on NREGA. What kind of employment does it provide ?
  • Compare between India and China.

My Score : 80/300

Second Interview – 24th March 2009 – K.Roy Paul’s Board

  • How much do your friends from other religion know about your religion ?
  • Sikh population in Lucknow.
  • Reason behind Babri Masjid Demolition.
  • Why Ayodhaya is considered as the sacred place for Hindus ?
  • Agriculture , Rivers and mineral resources in UP.
  • Give a specialist answer – What do you mean by INDIAN SOCIETY ?
  • Name few Indian Sociologists.
  • What do you know about M.N.Srinivas and his contributons ?
  • What are the social indicators you can derive from Census ?
  • Have you travelled to other parts of India apart from Delhi and Lucknow ?
  • Name the cities in India whose names have been changed .
  • What do you know about Gandhara art ?
  • Tell us something about Chola Dynasty.
  • What would be the first thing that you would do after becoming an administrator ? Give your spontaneous answer.
  • Do you have the habit of reading ? What kind of books do you read ?
  • Towards the end, the Chairman asked, since when and where have you been residing in Delhi ?

My score : 114/300

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