Sunday, December 27, 2009

Dated 22nd July 2009 -- NOT PUBLISHED

ISSUE : Mayawati's statues in Lucknow

Mayawati's self appreciation and self glorification in the form of installation of her own statues seems ridiculous.Crores of money is spent in Lucknow to give the finishing touches to those mammoth structures created just in order to please the chief minister.UP is one of the most backward state in the country.Mayawati would do more good by constructing few more hospitals to make health accessible.Money spent on erecting her statues can actually be used to educate thousands of girl childs,which in turn will empower our families and consequently empower our nation.

Focus on the real issues like population control,Gomati river management,electricity,infant and maternal mortality,quality education,private sector investment etc.

The leaders are judged by their deeds.If they do not value the public money,they will fail the litmus test in the next elections.The vibrancy of our democracy will take care of it and i am sure it will triumph.

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