Sunday, December 27, 2009

Dated 16th July, 2008 -- PUBLISHED

ISSUE : Indecent depiction of a Sikh Turban

I am a regular reader of The Hindu. I have always appreciated your newspaper for its authenticity and non biased opinions.
But , today i am deeply hurt.The cartoon shown in today's newspaper ( 15th july, Cartoonscape Section) was really disgusting. How can you show a sikh taking off his turban in front of others ? You have made a mockery of it. The turban is not a cap or a helmet that can be taken off . It is very sacred and needs to be respected.
I myself criticise Manmohan Singh openly for the lack of statesmanship he has shown in takinhg various decisions. Criticise him but do not degrade and devalue him with such cartoons !!

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